Prataya Saha is one of those few directors whose films don’t need too many dialogues to send across a hard-hitting message. Powerful storytelling, crisp editing, and a thought-provoking issue is what drives his latest short film — Just Another Day.

The film explores the hushed up reality of domestic abuse…

The dry leaf rolled over to the side of the road
Turning over itself slowly in the subtle breeze
Until it went down the open gutter
And was out of sight
Yes, it had life but was running out of it
Running to the side of the road
Running away from the tree
Running away from being…

The country is burning

The grounds, the forests, the streets, the hospitals

No, it isn’t a wildfire, or arson, nor is it climate change.

It is the dead bodies of somebody’s loved one

Because of the medical care we couldn’t arrange.

Who prioritized an election to be won?

The first…

I’d like to ask a question to all the environment-loving, bibliophilic friends of mine.

What do you think of when I say the word — Rusty?

Yes! Even I thought about the boy from hills…an image of a dense foliage of trees sprawling out in front of my eyes like…

A lament, for every girl

I gave you my heart
And you broke it
And again
I picked up the pieces
Gave them to you again
You pulled out a hammer
Shattered them into smaller pieces
I swept the ground
To pick what was left
Gave them to you again
As I felt the pain
You stomped on them
Up-down, up-down
Until there was nothing
Left for me to pick-up
And away I went
With a lament
For every new girl’s scent.

Inspired by “My November Guest” by Robert Frost.

The two lampposts stood on either side of the street

Running through a barren field

Not one other thing in sight

Shielding me from the dark, day and night

Their shadows ran around me

Like the fortress around an adoptee

I learned…

Ano Patel

Eternal escapist, in love with books, football, and long drives. Follow me on IG @ komorebi5

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