A lament, for every girl

I gave you my heart
And you broke it
And again
I picked up the pieces
Gave them to you again
You pulled out a hammer
Shattered them into smaller pieces
I swept the ground
To pick what was left
Gave them to you again
As I felt the pain
You stomped on them
Up-down, up-down
Until there was nothing
Left for me to pick-up
And away I went
With a lament
For every new girl’s scent.

Do you think you can downsize your vacations? Can you disconnect from your daily life and discover a sense of calm in nature? Can you stop being busy, and spend a weekend practicing the art of doing nothing? Can you let go of all luxuries and live a minimalist life for a few days?

Yes, I too, had doubts. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to escape into a tiny house nestled in nature. However, a short stay at changed the way I looked at vacations. …

How would you like a vacation where the wellbeing of you as well as the environment goes hand-in-hand at every step of the way? Can you reimagine your holiday at a repurposed shipping container that helps you not only rejuvenate, but also reconnect with nature and be a responsible traveler?

This is the prime objective of , a hospitality company that promotes tiny homes. For 27-year-old founder Arsh Bansal, Tenpy is also a confluence of two of his biggest passions — architecture and hospitality. …

Inspired by “My November Guest” by Robert Frost.

The two lampposts stood on either side of the street

Running through a barren field

Not one other thing in sight

Shielding me from the dark, day and night

Their shadows ran around me

Like the fortress around an adoptee

I learned about the world underneath their light

I grew older in their warmth

Until the day when the wind blew strong

A faint cloud of dust encircled me

And the lights quivered, as if to say ‘sorry’

The unsettling feeling crept in as I hugged them

Hoping to heal them, save…


The day I heard that Damien Chazelle (yes, the Damien Chazelle…of La La Land fame) was going to make his TV debut, I knew I was in for a turbulent emotional ride and some deep-level characterization, all happening against the backdrop of jazz music.

The Eddy

Released on May 8, 2020 on Netflix, the most notable aspect about The Eddy is how it establishes every single character in great detail. The stories of each dramatis personae are explored intricately, with over an hour dedicated to every character. …

Since when did work become an escape for most of humanity?

Whether it is to escape from family issues, or a relationship going downhill, or to get away from the mundane life, or simply to distract the lone mind that is otherwise filled with negative thoughts.

He looked at his watch.

12:21 am.

‘The girls must be asleep,’ he thought. It was way past their bedtime. He got up from his chair, stretched his arms as he turned off his desktop, and called his driver.

“Bhaiya, gaadi nikaalo,” he said on the phone.

As his car turned into the gate…

Our world is marred with protests that changed history, but none can compare, perhaps, to 2019, during which protests spanned every stretch of the world and saw the end or near-end of many regimes across the world. The year in question saw an upsurge of protests across the globe, the act aptly termed as the Global Protest Wave of 2019.

While civil resistance put an end to ruling leadership in Algeria, Bolivia, Iraq, Lebanon, and Sudan, leadership in countries like Egypt, Haiti, Peru, Chile, Poland, China, France, and India continue to be threatened by the force of protests.

Several reasons…

It was the longest hour
A rarity in history
I sat there by the window
and looked at the waxing moon
As it went from black to crescent to full in that hour.
I sat there and saw
The bud grow into a bright yellow flower
And wither away
Floating gently to its death.
I sat by my window
Looking at the dimly lit night
Watching the car tire go from full to flat.

I sat there and looked outside the window As the plant grew taller and the dog became thinner And the tree gathered moss but the birds…

i lean to the left

in the cab, in bed

at the restaurant

on your shoulder

my left ear

so used to having your arm underneath

is now trying to fill on its own

the sound of the silence of the hollow

in the absence of the hum

of your heavy breathing to follow

i used to lean to my left

before you pulled away your arm

and said


i leaned to my left

for what seems like forever


seems like just one day

that day

by the pool

with the dog

on the bed


Ano Patel

Eternal escapist, in love with books, football, and long drives. Follow me on IG @ komorebi5

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