Ahmedabad, A Culinary Destination

Think of Ahmedabad and the first few things that come to mind are Gandhi Ashram, Sabarmati Riverfront, trailblazing colleges like NID, CEPT, and IIM-A, and of course, the colours of the beautiful night markets like the Navratri bazaar at Law Garden.

Ahmedabad is in the headlines these days for being the first touch-point as President Donald Trump of the US and the First Lady Melania visit India for the first time. With the biggest event on his agenda being the launch of the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, reports of khaman being on his menu among other Indian delicacies have put Gujarati food on the world map.

As an Amdavadi, I want to shine the spotlight on the amazing food experiences that the city has to offer. Ahmedabad, that became India’s first city to be declared as a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2017, can be seen and promoted as a must-visit Culinary Destination in India, offering unique gourmet experiences.

Here are the best Local Eats that make Ahmedabad a top city for an unmatched food indulgence in India—

Agashiye — The House of MG:

Topping the list of must-visit places in Ahmedabad is the boutique heritage hotel House of MG, built in 1924 in the heart of what is now known as the Old City. Picture antique wooden furniture with a jhoola, stained glasses, traditional tiled flooring, painted roofs and historical photographs on the walls (including an original picture of Mahatma Gandhi). The highlight of this heritage stay is the terrace restaurant (Agashiye meaning terrace in Gujarati), which offers an elaborate Gujarati thali, with over 20 items served for dinner. It is rightfully touted as the place to experience dining, the royal style, with the city’s history on offer as an appetizer.

Vishalla Village Restaurant:

Think Gujarati thali and the first place that comes to mind is Vishalla for most Amdavadis. With an array of over 50 items on offer in the thali, what also draws visitors to Vishalla is the VECHAAR (Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research) Utensils Museum. The largest utensils museum in the country houses over 4,500 brass, copper, bronze, zinc to German silver and glass items dating back to Mughal emperor Akbar’s rule. The stories behind each vessel offer a comprehensive experience, with connoisseurs getting a chance to explore everything from a 1,000-year-old copper Pressure Cooker, to Draupadi’s magical cook-pot.

Swati Snacks:

Do you wish to savour in light Gujarati snacks instead of going for the elaborate, indulgent thali? Do you dream of gorging on unique Gujarati farsan like panki, patra, handvo, fada ni khichdi, or bajri khichu? Swati Snacks in Law Garden area is the perfect destination for such food. Feel the energy of the lively, visible kitchen and experience the joy of communal dining with their long stainless steel tabletops and wooden chairs.

It is not just the pure Gujarati food that features on the must-eat places in Aapnu Amdavad. The city is also known for offering unforgettable gourmet dining when it comes to cuisines from the far ends of the country.

Dravida, in Hotel Fern, boasts of the best Chettinad, Konkan, and Coorgi flavours in its most authentic form. From delicately carved wooden screens that are found in South Indian homes to soft Carnatic music playing in the background, from an array of vegetarian as well as seafood pickles to specialty food during festivals like Onam — Dravida is the gateway to introducing Amdavadis to traditional South Indian flavours in its most natural setting.

On the other end of the hemisphere, Earthen Oven is the first name that comes to most minds when one thinks about the best North Indian dishes. Having won the Best North Indian restaurant award by the most notable brands for many consecutive years, Earthen Oven’s name is synonymous with paneer khurchan, dal makhni, and gosht awadh biryani.

These are only a handful of names that rank on top of the list for an impeccable dining experience in Ahmedabad. With revolving restaurants making history in the culinary history of the country, and new restaurants cropping up with a scenic view of the Riverfront,

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