How to practice Sustainable Tourism at a cabin that’s distinctly modern yet rooted in nature

How would you like a vacation where the wellbeing of you as well as the environment goes hand-in-hand at every step of the way? Can you reimagine your holiday at a repurposed shipping container that helps you not only rejuvenate, but also reconnect with nature and be a responsible traveler?

This is the prime objective of TENPY, a hospitality company that promotes tiny homes. For 27-year-old founder Arsh Bansal, Tenpy is also a confluence of two of his biggest passions — architecture and hospitality. After returning to India from the UK where he earned a Masters degree in Architecture, Arsh set out to explore ways to offer an experience that included all the modern amenities, yet was deeply rooted in nature.

This gave birth to the idea of a ‘staycation’ whose main motive is to offer eco-travellers an escape in the wilderness. Arsh, who believes sustainability should be at the heart of all human activities, says, “This is why I thought of using a shipping container, which otherwise would have gone to the scrap yard. It takes about a month to repurpose a container and turn it into a comfy, cozy cabin that redefines minimal luxury. However, the pandemic stuck its foot in and delayed the construction by about 4 months.”

Other than sustainable tourism, perhaps the biggest selling point of Tenpy is relaxation and rejuvenation, thus targeting the ones who slave it through the week and look for a quick weekend getaway or an environmental detox. This is followed closely by people who love to practice minimalism, which is why Arsh emphasises Rusty (the first in a series of cabins) as a place where the past meets the future.

“It’s a holiday that involves being #PastForward. While we provide modern amenities like an electric stove, state-of-the-art shower, et al, we want people to reduce their normal traveling requirements and carry only the absolute essentials to try living a minimalist lifestyle.” With a flaky network, Arsh insists he doesn’t wish to add Wi-Fi to the cabin to further encourage visitors to disconnect from their gadgets and unwind. To help them do so, the cabin is loaded with books, cards and board games, and basic pots and pans for visitors to cook their own food (meals are provided on request).

The cabin is set at the entrance of a forest on the outskirts of Bengaluru, with its glass door opening up to a huge expanse of trees and the sound of birds. The amenities are a wonderful mix of basic and luxury. The cabin packs up a queen size bed and a single bed, along with a savvy kitchen as well as a modern bathroom. There’s also a set of deck chairs and a table to help customers enjoy their meals outside the cabin, while taking in the beautiful scenery.

“While we’re selling sleep and relaxation to those who are exhausted by their daily lives, we encourage people to step out and explore the surroundings, enjoy listening to the bird calls, and feel calm in the wilderness in general. One can also treat it as a creative retreat, as there is not a soul, but plenty of inspiration all around.”

If you’ve been planning a trip where you can unwind and evolve back with friends and family, take tiny steps with tiny living. Book a stay with Tenpy!

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