i lean to the left

in the cab, in bed

at the restaurant

on your shoulder

my left ear

so used to having your arm underneath

is now trying to fill on its own

the sound of the silence of the hollow

in the absence of the hum

of your heavy breathing to follow

i used to lean to my left

before you pulled away your arm

and said


i leaned to my left

for what seems like forever


seems like just one day

that day

by the pool

with the dog

on the bed

away from the crowd

yet part of them

i leaned my head to the left

even then

even yesterday

even tomorrow

until you said the one word


and unraveled what was unsaid


another day when i lean to the left


another sleepless night.

Eternal escapist, in love with books, football, and long drives. Follow me on IG @ komorebi5

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