In Darkness & In Light

Inspired by “My November Guest” by Robert Frost.

The two lampposts stood on either side of the street

Running through a barren field

Not one other thing in sight

Shielding me from the dark, day and night

Their shadows ran around me

Like the fortress around an adoptee

I learned about the world underneath their light

I grew older in their warmth

Until the day when the wind blew strong

A faint cloud of dust encircled me

And the lights quivered, as if to say ‘sorry’

The unsettling feeling crept in as I hugged them

Hoping to heal them, save them, and save myself

But the wind gained strength, the light met my eye

I watched the glimmer fade away and die.

I looked up and stared at the darkness, undone

Fear gripped my heart as I ran to the other one

It kept flickering but I held on tight, with all my might

Until it was hit by the lightning; it sputtered and died

I screamed, I cried

I ran, from the street, away from the field

Stumbling upon rocks that the night revealed

I tried to outrun the darkness, but I failed

With the final sound of thunder,

I, at last, exhaled.

Grief is, perhaps, the strongest of all emotions. Death has the power to bring together people in a way new life or happiness never can.

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