The city is under curfew. Stepping out could be dangerous.

Yet, she takes the risk, rides the tram alone, walks through deserted streets, establishing how she would go to any lengths to please her husband.

Anshulika Kapoor wonderfully holds the weight of the short film on her lone shoulders and engages the audiences with minimum dialogues.

What also grabs attention are two other key elements — the sound effects and the beauty of the city of Kolkata — lending a fearless soul to the story.

The Good Wife, a film by Prataya Saha

The protagonists feelings do a volte-face 10 minutes into the film, giving an otherwise cliched twist a refreshing treatment. What follows is a fast-moving farrago of memories, where you may steal a moment to check your phone.

A non-linear narrative and crisp editing is what makes this film gripping. Prataya Saha’s distinct vision takes this suspense thriller to new heights, making The Good Wife one of the finer attempts at capturing intense emotions in a short time frame.

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