It was the longest hour
A rarity in history
I sat there by the window
and looked at the waxing moon
As it went from black to crescent to full in that hour.
I sat there and saw
The bud grow into a bright yellow flower
And wither away
Floating gently to its death.
I sat by my window
Looking at the dimly lit night
Watching the car tire go from full to flat.

I sat there and looked outside the window
As the plant grew taller and the dog became thinner
And the tree gathered moss but the birds chirped away.
Humans stopped moving,
Nature was bellowing
The clocks had stopped ticking
The sun and the moon had taken over time.
I sat and looked outside my window
He was still standing there
With his sling bag and unkempt beard
But we grew farther apart.
And I sat there, waiting
For normalcy, for love, and sleep.
I sat by the window
As love grew to longing
Longing grew into loneliness
And loneliness turned to hate.
I raised my numb fingers
to feel my cracked lips
and wondered how could that be?
When in my dreams
I had thrown myself into the arms of strangers
Breath reeking of desperation and alcohol
Consumed with hurt
Overcome with rage.
I sat there,
As my thoughts swerved from good to bad to ugly
The light grew dimmer
And I still sat there by my window
Looking at the darkness that engulfed
the nights and the minds
Looking at the world on pause.
I just sat there living
The longest hour.

Eternal escapist, in love with books, football, and long drives. Follow me on IG @ komorebi5

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