The origins of Rusty and Heidi

I’d like to ask a question to all the environment-loving, bibliophilic friends of mine.

What do you think of when I say the word — Rusty?

Yes! Even I thought about the boy from hills…an image of a dense foliage of trees sprawling out in front of my eyes like sunrise on a hilltop awakened by the sound of birds.

Ruskin Bond’s Rusty has been one of the most endearing fictional characters, his stories packed with a magnanimity of nature and infectious curiosity to explore.

This is what inspired the name of Tenpy’s first cabin! A stay at Tenpy Rusty would definitely teleport you to the same beautiful setting of Rusty’s fictitious world. The name Tenpy also blends two words — ‘tent’ and ‘canopy’, and the cabins offer a unique experience that combines relaxation, minimalist luxury, nature, and sustainability.

I spent a few nights at Rusty in December, when nights were too chilly and days were pleasantly cold. The cabin didn’t feel cold at all, and I woke up to bird calls, fluttering butterflies, and dewy mornings. It was a treat to sit with a cup of coffee on the deck and watch the beautiful trees of Ragihalli forest stretch out in front of me for as far as my eyes could see, a beautiful blanket of touch-me-nots covering the ground. Tenpy also pays homage to the iconic author and the character by featuring the book on the cabin’s bookshelf.

If you thought a single character would be the face of Tenpy, think again!

Tenpy is about to launch its second cabin, and owner Arsh Bansal ran a contest on social media, giving tiny living enthusiasts a chance to name the new cabin. While he was flooded with a plethora of options, Arsh decided to go with another classic and announced the name of his second cabin — Heidi.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the name fills the minds of Tenpy regulars with an image of a waving field of brightly-coloured flowers, tall trees, long walks, and many a Pichi flying alongside you.

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