Tiny House in the wilderness: A stay made #JustForYou

Do you think you can downsize your vacations? Can you disconnect from your daily life and discover a sense of calm in nature? Can you stop being busy, and spend a weekend practicing the art of doing nothing? Can you let go of all luxuries and live a minimalist life for a few days?

Yes, I too, had doubts. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to escape into a tiny house nestled in nature. However, a short stay at Tenpy changed the way I looked at vacations. With these tiny cabins, founder Arsh Bansal strives to offer an experience where you slow down, get back to basics, and make micro doses of nature a regular part of your travels.

If you fall into any one of the following categories as a traveller, a stay at this tiny house is made #JustForYou.


If you love to observe nature’s spell, Tenpy Rusty (the first of many cabins) is the place to be! Propped at the entrance of Ragihalli Forest, about 30 kms outside Bengaluru, the tiny cabin offers a beautiful view of a dense green foliage cut by tiny walking trails. Dive into the forest’s beautiful biodiversity as a bird hops slowly in front of you, guiding you up the path that leads to a stone quarry. You can spot several bird species, rare butterflies, and an occasional mongoose on the path leading down to the Elephant Pond.


From repurposing a shipping container to using groundwater supply (hence, muddy water at times) and requesting visitors to dispose of their own waste — Tenpy stays are built for those who care deeply for the environment. The cabin comes with an electric stove (although there are power outages) and a set of reusable pots and pans that allows visitors to cook their own meals. Travellers can light a bonfire using dried leaves and broken wood sticks that cover the grounds around the cabin.


The ones who slave through the week, the ones who never log off, the overworked and overstressed — Tenpy helps you disconnect from the world you leave behind (there’s no WiFi here, and mobile network is flaky), and rejuvenate in nature. Step away from the chaos of the city, replace your alarm clock with the sound of birds chirping, and recharge your batteries before heading back to the fast-paced life.

Stone Quarry near Tenpy Rusty


Tenpy is a treat for the freelancers community! Remote working has become the norm for most of us. If you think you can work out of anywhere, head to Tenpy. All you’ll need is a portable internet connection, your gadgets, and some food. Don’t worry, if you run out, the caretaker will head to the village market to buy more fresh produce for you!


Are you a writer, a designer, an artist, or simply passionate about creating something new? A stay at Rusty is just the kind of peaceful, inspiring setting you need. Let the creative juices flow as you work in solitude amidst a quiet, unspoiled terrain.


No, you don’t always need to travel to the Himalayas or to an ashram to find yourself. Tap into earth’s healing energy and let it teach you the art of mindfulness. Spirituality seekers can spend hours staring at the ripples that move the surface of the pond near the quarry, take long strolls and explore the nature trails, and meditate to the rising sun every day.


Be a solo rider and embark on a journey of self-discovery as you spend time reading, cooking, walking, and sleeping alone. Cozy up by the huge glass window as you sip a mug of coffee, or lie down on a rug on the deck and look at the starry sky. Safety is not an issue as the area home to black bears and other wild animals is far away from the cabin and barricaded. The only other human beings around are fellow travellers living on other properties in the surrounding area (that’s still some distance away from the cabin).


Have you always looked at those couple images on social media and yearned for a similar vacation with your partner? Head to Rusty! Spend some time with your loved ones away from the humdrum of the city and the pressure of work. Let the charm of the cabin do its work as you unplug, unwind, and rekindle your romance.


Nothing is something worth doing.

Arsh says, “We sell sleep and relaxation.” If you want a holiday where you do nothing but relax in the lap of nature, Rusty is the ideal destination for you. You can spend hours doing absolutely nothing, meals are provided on request (although you’ll have to do the washing). Leave behind your typical vacation itinerary, listen to music all day, put your feet up in a hammock, and let nature cast its spell on you!


If you’re looking for a getaway with your furry friends, think Tenpy! There’s a dog park close to the cabin where your pets can run havoc in their natural habitat.

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